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Hazelwood, Missouri


38deg46’44”N90deg21’59’’W (38.778750; -90.36646464). The United States Census Bureau states that the city covers 16.76 miles (43.41km 2). Of this 16.02 sq. miles (41.49km 2), 0.74 square miles (1.2 km 2_3) is land.


2010 Census

The census 2010 showed that there were 25,703 residents, 10,933 households and 6,608 families in the city. The population density stood at 1,604.4 people per square mile (619.5/km 2). The average housing unit density was 732.2/square mile (282.7/km 2). The city’s racial makeup was 64.1% White with 30.5% African American, 0.3% Native American and 1.4% Asian. There were also 2.5% residents from more than one race. Hispanic and Latino were 3.0% each.

There were 10,933 households. 31.2% of these had children under 18 years of age, 38.3% were married couple, 17.3% had a woman householder without a husband, 4.8% had an male householder without a wife, and 39.6% were not families. 33.7% of all households consisted of individuals and 10.4% were home to an individual 65 years old or older. The average household size was 2.34, and the average family size 3.01.

The city’s median age was 36.8. 23.2% of residents were below the age of 18, 9.9% were aged 18-24, 27% were between 25-44, 27.2% were between 45-64, 12.4% were 65 and older. The city’s gender composition was 47.0% male, 53.0% female.

Median household income was $48,838, while median family income was $57,293. The median income for males was $42,399, while that of females was $35,800. $24,651 was the per capita income in the city. The poverty level was below 8.3% of households and 9.3% population. This includes 15.2% of children under 18 years old and 4.9% for those 65 and older.


Hazelwood is served by the Hazelwood Public School District. One highschool is located in the city, Hazelwood West. Hazelwood West Middle School is the city’s middle school. There are also several elementary schools, including McNair, Russell, and Garrett. Hazelwood also has an Early Childhood Education Center.

Hazelwood also has several private schools: Asa Christian Academy and Blossom Wood Day school, as well as Alphabet Soup Academy and Asa Christian Academy.

The former St. Stanislaus Seminary is operated by the United Pentecostal Church International.


Hazelwood’s location on Interstate 270, between Interstate 170, Missouri 370 and Missouri 370 makes it a key regional hub for manufacturing and distribution. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are 17,063 jobs in Hazelwood.

From 1948 to 2006, the city was home to a Ford factory that employed 1,400 people at the time it closed. Aviator Business Park is currently being developed on the site of the former plant. The former plant was located on the opposite side to Lindbergh Blvd.. After the completion of one building, in 2007, the Great Recession hit and ownership problems stalled the construction of the Hazelwood Logistics Centre. It was eventually sold in 2015. With 1.8 million square feet of industrial land leased and completed, the new owners finished building the park. It is expected that the industrial park will create 1,800 jobs. TradePort, a 325-acre industrial area north of St. Louis, is currently under construction. Louis Outlet Mall, formerly St. Louis Mills, will be completed in the middle of 2020 and will offer up to 4,000,000 square feet of industrial development.

Hazelwood is the home of Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals as well as several facilities for Boeing.

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