The Importance of Product Photography

St. Louis, Missouri (February 26, 2018)- Product photography is the key to selling and marketing your product or business online. Without photos of what you are selling, nobody would be interested in many a purchase. The first thing that shoppers do is look at the photos presented of the product to make their decision. High-quality photos are important to keeping customers interested and wanting to know more about your product. This is especially the case in online stores such as Amazon or Etsy because there are so many similar products from different sellers to choose from. Most shoppers are going to browse the photos and purchase the one that catches their eye. Having the best and most interesting photos could set your company apart from the competition.

360 product photography can provide you with the most outstanding photos on the internet. This technique shows every angle of the product with a collection of still images. The advantage of using 360 product photography is that it allows customers to see every angle and detail your product has to offer, permitting them to see if it is exactly what they are looking to purchase. These images should eliminate most questions pertaining to the product and lead to a more successful purchase rate because customers will know exactly what they are purchasing.

If interested in having product photography done for you by a professional, consider contacting Zone Ten Studios, the best product photography in St. Louis.

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Check Out These Custom Gift Ideas

You Need These Custom Coasters!

Customization is all the rage.  It has been for the past few years and still is.  People young and old love the ability to customize or personalize something and make uniquely theirs.  However, you can only customize a cutting board or wine glass so many times before it gets old.  Given that there’s still a demand to have customized and personalized gifts, I’ve decided to switch it up a bit and show you the coolest customizable gifts and items available.

Swiss Army Knife

The Swiss Army Knife is no stranger to the personalization craze.  However, it’s still somewhat of an underdog.  Swiss Army knives are extremely handy to have even if you just use them as bottle openers. True Swiss Army knives are also super-high quality.  Right now, Pottery Barn (one of the top-dogs in personalized gifts) is offering a real Swiss Army knife for under $35.  For less than $10, you can get it monogrammed.  This personalized gift is great for a toolbox, tackle box, camping trips, and everyday use.

Get this personalized Swiss Army Knife
Get this personalized Swiss Army Knife

Newlywed Intersection Art

Another personalized gift that isn’t a stranger to the trend, wall art is often overdone.  However, this wall art is one of the cooler personalized gifts I’ve seen.  An amazing gift for newlyweds or maybe a couple just celebrating their anniversary, this artwork features a street sign with two streets.  Each street is customizable to feature each spouse’s last name.  It really is a truly unique tribute to marriage and relationships.  The price is a little steep ranging from $75 to $175.

Customized LP Vinyl Records

A somewhat new entry into the scene, you can’t go wrong with this custom vinyl record.  Vinyl is all the rage right now with record stores seeing more customers than ever before in recent years and most indie and some pop bands releasing their new albums on vinyl.  This custom vinyl record is a great gift for the music lover.  It even features actual tracks that you can customize.  It goes for $150.

Personalized Coasters

These personalized custom coasters printed up with eco-friendly ink by Coast-A-Message are the cheapest you’ll find.  They’re disposable so they aren’t the most durable coasters, however, given how cheap it is to print them, you can have a variety of designs made per order.  Some ideas for designs include the wi-fi password or your favorite quote.  The possibilities are endless!

Buy this Custom Coaster

Customized Coffee Sleeves

Another fantastic custom design option is coffee sleeves.  Printed with water-based ink on recycled materials, Sleeve-A-Messages custom coffee sleeves go great with a nice custom coaster.  The design possibilities are endless.  Sleeve-A-Message also plants a tree per 7,000 sleeves printed so it’s a win-win!

Create your own custom coffee sleeves
Create your own custom coffee sleeves

New Associate Attorney for The People’s Counsel

The People’s Counsel recently hired Thomas Schmitz, Esq. to join their legal team. Thomas grew up in the St. Charles, Missouri area, where he attended primary and high school. He then furthered his education at the University of Missouri, Columbia, where he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychological Sciences in 2008. He received his Juris Doctor degree in 2012 from Creighton University School of Law. While attending these universities, Thomas interned at the Near East South Asia Center for Strategic Studies, as well as the Omaha City Prosecutor’s Office.

Thomas has a great deal of experience under his belt. For three years, he worked for DTI Global (formerly Hudson Legal) doing discovery evaluation and management. In 2015, he became an Assistant Attorney at Kodner Watkins, LC practicing civil and criminal matters. Thomas has now joined the People’s Counsel, LLC as an Associate Attorney for Charles L. Barberio IV, Esq. Here he will put his focus primarily on criminal defense and personal injury matters.

The People’s Counsel represents clients in many areas ranging from misdemeanors to felony charges. Charles Barberio, a Criminal defense attorney located in St. Louis, has worked with his team to have a proven track record of winning felony jury trials in jurisdictions throughout Missouri and Illinois. They also provide free consultations on your rights and the legal process. The People’s Counsel allows clients to be represented by someone that is trustworthy and on their side.

How to Invest in Education

The cost of college is very high and only growing larger. Some educational pursuits can cost up to $160,000 over four years, with the resulting student debt lasting for decades to come. Scholarships have always been the theoretical answer to this, with accomplished students and their parents thinking they can circumvent the high cost with good grades and high test scores. But the reality is, these numbers often need to be significantly higher than expected.

That’s where tutoring comes in, but not in a common way. Traditional tutors help students understand concepts they are struggling with in school or assist in catching someone up. But advanced tutors help prepare students for important standardized tests such as the ACT or SAT.  These instructors have the explicit goal of raising a test score by a number of defined points, which might be 3 points on the ACT or 20 points on the SAT. These increases directly correlate to college savings, with most academic institutions offering tuitions reductions based on GPAs and test scores.  The cost, however, is what makes tutoring the investment. Multiple tutoring sessions are required to help a student become comfortable with the test and become proficient in the different subjects.  According to Mackler Associates, a company that offers SAT and ACT tutoring in St. Louis, these sessions might cumulatively cost around $2000.  But the resulting savings from this ACT and SAT test preparation could be close to $40,000, which is a great return on investment.

Liberty Lending Consultants Inc. Offers Home Financing Advice

Saint Louis, MO – Liberty Lending Consultants Inc. would like to offer advanced home financing advice for potential first-time buyers. Financing a home can be a difficult task and Liberty Lending is here to help. Liberty Lending Consultants advises that potential buyers determine how much they need to borrow as well as how much they are able to borrow. Determining that maximum amount depends on a couple of key questions. Most importantly, how much of a monthly payment can the potential buyer afford? This amount is often determined by the customer’s current monthly income. Additionally, the customer must consider the amount that a lender is able to lend them, based on previous credit, employment history, goal, income, and debt.

After gathering all of the necessary information, Liberty Lending suggests selecting a financial advisor to review everything in great detail. Once the financial advisor clears all of the relevant information, they will be able to pre-qualify the potential buyer. Being pre-qualified makes it easier for any seller to know that the buyer is serious about purchasing a new property.

Getting pre-qualified means it’s time for the buyer to apply for financial assistance. Liberty Lending suggests selecting financial advisors that will make sure the application for financial assistance is error-free. After applying, financial advisors will contact the necessary parties to order an appraisal of the home in question.

After completing all of this work Liberty Lending suggests the buyer’s realtor and property seller find an escrow/title company to handle funding. From there, the buyer’s financial advisors can work with all of the appropriate parties to make sure everything is in order. Once the potential buyer signs the papers, they can focus on really making that new house a home.

Liberty Lending offers a variety of different home loans as well. Some of their most popular loans include the Missouri USDA Rural Development Loan, which reduces costs in rural and suburban locations. Another key type of loan offered is the St. Louis VA and Military Loans, which help veterans and active military purchase a home. Liberty also has some of the lowest rates on conventional fixed-rate mortgages. When looking to purchase a home loan, Liberty Lending Consultants have the knowledge to make your experience as easy as possible.